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ACG Certified Third-Party Commissioning Agency

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Performance Commissioning Agency (PCA) was originated from 50 years of service in the test and balance industry. In these years we have seen many commissioning practices and knew that a better product could be provided with less expense.


Performance Commissioning Agency was established to provide each client with an efficient means of establishing a highly efficient product. Our field experience in the industry can help streamline a commissioning plan which will in turn be more cost effective while still achieving a high performance building.


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Design Review & Preconstruction

Eliminate future issues before they happen by having PerfCx review your design

Mechanical Systems Cx

Heat pumps, Energy Recovery, chilled and hot water, anything that conditions your space

Lighting Systems Cx

Lighting Occupancy control, Dimming, Multiswitch, Emergency, etc.

Domestic Water Cx

Sinks, faucets, toilets, water fountains,  and all potable water sources

Thermal Video & Imagery

Use Infrared to find hidden air and water leaks, missing insulation, and much more

Building Envelope Testing

Verify your building skin for air and water tightness and Improve energy efficiency

Retro/Existing Cx

Diagnose and test existing equipment for energy and performance deficiencies 


Why Commission?

Building commissioning (Cx) is the process of verifying, in new construction, all (or some, depending on scope) of the subsystems for mechanical (HVAC), plumbing, electrical, fire/life safety, building envelopes, interior systems (example laboratory units), co-generation, utility plants, sustainable systems, lighting, wastewater, controls, and building security to achieve the owner's project requirements as intended by the building owner and as designed by the building architects and engineers.

An independent, certified, commissioning authority under contract to the owner is the preferred contractual arrangement between a commissioning provider and building owner. A third party professional brings objectivity and practical experience to the project to ensure that the owner will truly get the building performance that he or she expects. ACG members must be independent.

Although contractors may have the knowledge and capability to test the equipment they install, they may not be skilled at testing or diagnosing integration problems. In addition, some contend that it is difficult for contractors to objectively test and assess their own work, especially since repairing deficiencies found through commissioning may increase their costs.



Our certified Thermologists can help find moisture intrusion, leaks in piping, energy leakage, electrical faults, and verify block wall grouting without destructive testing.


Commissioning PRINCIPAL

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Steve W. Turner


(270) 564-7360





For any inquiries, questions or quotes, please call:  859-277-0191 or fill out the following form

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13051 Woodville Road

Kevil, KY, 42053

Tel: 859-277-0191


To apply for a job with Performance Commissioning, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 859-277-0191
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